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Excellent ADRK Pink Paper German Import female For Sale - 2 years old

BH, ZTP, IPO I,  V Rated in Germany, Hd Frei Ed +/-


Sire: Duke von der Scherau, Dam: Elfi vom Rudental - $14,000


Excellent 5 month old female puppy For Sale (Pick of the Litter) $7500

Sire is: Leonardo von der Sigquelle (Pit von Hirtenplatz x Evi von der Siegquelle) 

Leo is the youngest Rottweiler in the World to receive all titles before his 3rd birthday.

BH, AD, ZTP, IPO I, IPO II, IPO III, FH1, FH2 German Korung

VDH Champion, German Champion, International Champion, Champion of Luxembourg

HD Frei, ED Frei

Dam is: Queen vom Haus Burns (Elvis von der Muhlbachstrasse x Sierra vom Haus Burns)

Queen obtained all her titles before her 2nd birthday.


Queen is candidate for VDH German Champion as well as International Champion

 Here in North America to become RKNA Champion queen also just needs one more V1


Excellent 8 week old Male puppy For Sale $3500


100 % German Pedigree Call us Today at 360-338-0210 for more info


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(360) 338-0210 or (951) 231-0009

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2009 Vom Haus Burns Rottweilers - Olympia, WA